Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Getting out of the City

You know, you can drive east on Route 50 and get to lots of places worth visiting without much fuss but heaven help anyone who wants to go to the west via 395 or 495 – yikes – what a nightmare

so let’s say you get out of dodge now how’s about getting back in

that is another problem – 395 to key bridge – good luck – if you make it alive to Key Bridge then you may find yourself taking the boomerang route which entails the u-turn that is Spout Run – absolutely crazy

the freeways in LA are easier than the ways and means to get in and out here and we don’t even have an in and out for a relaxing milkshake

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beach Prices and other mid-Atlantic things

Rehoboth, Delaware, Bethany Beach and yes, great old Cape May, NJ – if you grew up in DC or around here, hopefully, visiting the beach when you were under age 15 happened. It was great then and it still is but in a very different way.

Great homes there under $300k close enough to the beach.

Many many options in all price ranges, types and styles.

Best breakfast in Rehoboth is Crystals near Church.

Best way to get there and dodge some traffic is – nah – not gonna tell ya..

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Condo Land

New Mexico Avenue and Cathedral  -  need to rent or are you looking for a condo?
Do you prefer huge buildings?
This is the place for you - walk through the nearby parks, see the deer, roam the halls of these wondrous ancient buildings from the fabulous 30's and 40's heyday in DC.
Spacious apartments, great locations, near transport, plenty of parking with your unit and much more!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Real Estate in the District of Columbia during an Election Year

Here's to doing real estate in Washington, DC.
As an Independent Broker here and a Washingtonian. it's interesting to see the lull before the storm. No matter who gets in, there will be changes to neighborhoods. Some will go back to their states, others might reposition and hang on for another term.
We have had a mild winter, anticipate a bright spring and look forward to an exciting 2012.